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We are a provider of core services that every business needs to grow with profitability

Clichés are great if supported by proven results. “Helping small businesses grow with profitability” is more than a signature statement of ours. It is what we do for companies and our services are backed up with decades of real hands-on experience. What is it that we have “to sell”, so to speak, and what do our clients need and want?


If the studies and reports being published are to be believed, outsourcing will continue to grow as a component part of many businesses, especially as more pressure is put on maintaining profits in a competitive and ever increasing global market. If you think about it, what AccountNet has been doing for years is a form of outsourcing for our growing clients.  We are a provider of essential services as well as a clearinghouse of other outsourcing skills. Services not offered internally are made available through our strategic partners. We bring multiple professional level services to our clients’ door step.

We are a Service Provider

We are more than an accounting and business consulting firm. We provide financial data services because they are necessary and important keys to support all the other services that we provide.  Accounting is the economic engine that drives every business.
There are two key elements that have contributed to the ongoing success of CapitalNet. The first is its people who have vast real world experiences. The second key is its extensive network of strategic alliances of individuals and companies equally experienced. Through its own internal resources and those of its partners, CapitalNet brings the necessary skill sets and experiences that every business needs by providing the professional skills to make the multiple services it provides work together effectively and efficiently. A kind of “plug and play” working pattern. In addition, as our clients grow and other services are needed, whether such services are provided by CapitalNet or others, each is integrated into the client’s infrastructure without disruption and at the most efficient cost possible.

Helping Businesses Grow with Profitability is the Signature Statement of

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