Corporate Development

Corporate development is the term used to define the help businesses need to create and maintain their infrastructure, implement and follow their business plan and manage their growth.  As many as three out of four businesses fail because of poor management of its existing resources – money, people and structure.  A stated goal of every business must be to achieve continuous growth in a meaningful way.

Legal Services

Qualified legal professionals are essential if a business is to succeed and survive.  They go hand in hand with your professional team member and are the keys to building and protecting a business’ infrastructure and it assets.

Valuable content – whether trade secrets, confidential and proprietary information, inventory, valuable papers, key personnel, customer lists, patents, etc. – must be developed and then protected.  Very much like a well-built home, the effort that goes into growing a business will create a value far beyond its initial costs, but only if it is properly planned, implemented and protected as the business grows.

With a proper infrastructure, businesses can save millions in needless costs, such as litigation expenses and judgments and even save the business from internal destruction.  The following is a general list of critical areas that every business should be aware of an be proactive in having and maintaining:

Legal Audits, Compliance, Entity Integrity, Insurance, Contracts, Business Plan and Road Map (plan of implementation), Exit Strategy, Asset Protection, Compensation and Equity Participation Plans, Retirement Planning.  Each area covers numerous subtopics and all of which, when implemented, will provide a growing business with the maximum amount of protection needed to safeguard a lifetime of work.

  • Organisation Structure
  • Business Compliance
  • Contracts and Business Agreements
  • Legal Audits
  • Asset Protection, Estate Planning and Administration
  • Real Estate Related Matters
  • Contract Negotiation, Mergers and Acquisitions