Alvaro Solares:  Economist with Masters Degree in Business Administration, Economics and Public Administration with emphasis in Policy Analysis and Evaluation.  Extensive domestic and international experience servicing the public and private sectors. In the private sector, Alvaro brings the greatest strategic value to our clients, small and mid-size businesses, with his management skills and expertise in applying financial data to achieve profitable growth.

His past work as a regulator and keen understanding of how businesses need to interrelate to governmental rule and regulations is an invaluable tool for clients that seek to do business with federal, state and local agencies domestically or internationally with foreign governments.

Alvaro has the ability to do business in three languages, handled business transactions in numerous countries with established and emerging companies. He has provided consulting services on an ongoing basis to international agencies, such as the World Bank, the Interamerican Development Bank and the Inter-American Conference on Social Security and foreign governments. He currently teaches Macroeconomics and has been a Lecturer in Business Administration and Management.